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Tips To Help You Stay Cool on Your Summer Road Trip

Summer is the best time for outdoor family adventures. The drive to far-off destinations, however, can be grueling, especially if you decide to take a road trip during a heatwave. In this guide, we are going to explore some of the best strategies to help you stay cool and calm on your summer road trips.

1. Check Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners can sometimes malfunction when the computerised board burns out or when it runs out of gas.

Can you imagine taking a long drive with kids when the air conditioner suddenly malfunctions? Just the thought of all that complaining, crying, and arguing is enough to make any parent cringe. But when you have a broken air conditioner, you also need to deal with other issues like a dusty car, tangled long hair, annoying bugs, and the nonstop up and down motion of automatic windows.

Always check your air conditioner before you leave for a summer road trip and if you notice any issues, get the repairs done by a reliable auto-electrician like A-Plus Auto Electrical & Air Conditioning. Your car’s air con is one of the most important tools to help you stay cool, clean, and argument-free on your trips.

2. Get Your Air Conditioner Re-Gassed

It is best to get your air conditioner re-gassed every 2 years because your car will use 10 – 15% of gas a year without ever using it and you will be depleting the gas reserves every time you use your air conditioner. Most vehicle air conditioners run empty after about two years of use. When the gas reserves run low, your air conditioner will have a tough time keeping the interior cool and the engine will start to work harder which can increase fuel usage.

If you haven’t checked your air conditioner gas in a while then it is high time to book a mobile service with A-Plus Auto Electrical & Air Conditioning so you can top up that essential gas.

3. Get A Sun Shade for Your Car

With road trips, you are never guaranteed to find a shaded parking spot. A sunshade in the window can keep your car from becoming boiling hot on the inside while you take a hike or enjoy a quick adventure. Try to find a good quality sunshade that can easily pop up in your front and rear window and get retractable sunshades for the door windows. These affordable solutions won’t just keep your seats nice and cool, they can also protect your car interior from sun damage.

4. Get Seat Cover for Leather Seats

Leather seats can become scorching hot if you park your car in the sun. These seats sometimes become so hot they can burn your skin if you suddenly sit down on the seats. It is best to get fabric seat covers if you have PU leather or genuine leather seats. These seat covers will get warm but won’t scorch your skin upon touch.

4. Stay Hydrated

Invest in a seat back organiser with a cooling compartment so you can keep your drinks and water bottles nice and cool on the road. This will make it much easier to stay hydrated and can keep family members from suffering from heat exhaustion.With these tips and the help of the friendly mobile mechanics at A-Plus Auto Electrical & Air Conditioning, we are quite certain that your summer drives will be much more enjoyable no matter how hot the days or nights become.

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