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Important Things You Should Know About Your Cars Heating System

With the hot and sunny weather in Melbourne, your car’s cooling system is probably the part of your air conditioning that is used most frequently. But even these areas can get pretty chilly on those early winter mornings or when you have to take a long journey at night. A good heating system can keep you nice and snug when the temperatures drop.  With the winter just around the corner, it might be a good idea to check your heating system out so you can be sure that it will be in good working condition when you need it.

In this guide, we are going to share some of the most important things that car owners should know about the heating function of their AC systems.

How Does A Car Heating System Function?

The heat your car’s AC system emits is mostly generated from the engine. Most of the warmth produced by the engine exits through the exhaust system. But when you put the HVAC system on warm, some of the heat that is generated from the engine is used to warm the car interior. The warmth is pushed over the heater core and into your cabin at an appropriate speed that keeps your cabin from getting too warm. 

Are Heating And AC Issues Common?

Problems with your car’s cabin heating or cooling system are pretty common in older vehicles but new cars usually only get issues if there was a manufacturing defect. With most new vehicles, issues within the first 100,000 kilometers or more are pretty uncommon but an older car should be checked out more often.

How Often the Car Heating System Should Be Inspected

It is very important to properly maintain your car’s heating system because if the engine gets too hot it can result in overheating and engine damage. The car AC heating is connected to your car’s overall heating system. It is a good idea to get your AC heating and cooling system checked out every time you take your car for a service or whenever you notice heating or cooling issues with the HVAC system.

Common Heating System Issues to Watch Out For

Car heater problems are not too common but they do occur. Here is a quick look at the top reasons your heating system might be malfunctioning;

A Faulty Thermostat

This is the most common heater issue in vehicles. If the thermostat gets stuck on open or closed it can start to malfunction and this can also affect your engine’s cooling system and may result in overheating. 

Low Antifreeze Levels

Yes, antifreeze is also useful for producing warmth inside your car cabin. When the antifreeze levels drop, the warm liquid can’t reach the heater core and your cabin won’t warm up. This can happen if the car overheats or when the coolant levels weren’t topped up.

A Faulty Heater Fan

The heater fan is the component that blows hot air into your cabin. Needless to say, if the fan breaks or if it isn’t starting up due to a short then your heater system won’t work.

A Clogged Heater Core

This isn’t a very common issue but particles can enter the coolant system and block the heater core. If this happens, the heater core might need to be replaced.

A Leaky Radiator

If the radiator leaks, it can keep coolant from entering the heater core. This will affect your heater’s functioning and can result in engine overheating. 

Faulty Controls

In some cases, the turn knobs or buttons of the HVAC system aren’t working properly and the heater system might simply not be activated. Shorts, poor quality touch screens or climate control systems, and broken dials may result in this issue.

If you have car heater issues then the best thing you can do is give A-Plus Auto Electrical and Air Conditioning a call. These specialists can get any car heating or cooling issues sorted for you in no time at all so you can stay nice and snug on your winter drive. 

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