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How Often Does Your Car Air-Con Need To Be Re Gassed?

Spring is finally here and the warmer weather is ideal for new adventures on the road. Of course, one of the first things you will probably do when driving on a warmer day is turn on the AC, there’s nothing like a fresh blast of crisp cool air after spending the day hiking or at the beach.

An AC system that is not functioning is the last thing you need when you are out and about. This is exactly why you should always check your air conditioning unit regularly and especially while you are preparing to travel long distances. But how do you best maintain this system? If you are not sure then you should read on.

Why Do Car Air-Cons Need Gas?

Most car air-con systems work the same way. These systems function on high-pressure gas that is called refrigerant. AC systems have various components that process the gas so it will produce crisp cold air that is needed for keeping your car cold. Without this gas, you can open the vents to let air into your car but the air is likely going to be very hot after being sucked in over the hot engine.

Why Do Air-Cons Run Out Of Gas?

Air conditioning gas, like all other fluids in your car, can eventually become depleted. It is estimated that the average vehicle permeates about 10-15% of gas from the AC system every year even if you don’t use the AC at all. This is exactly why so many broken-down vehicles usually need AC gas after a long-standing period.

When air conditioning units are started up, they usually take a while before you start feeling that crisp cold air. This is because these units are designed to debug and clean out bacteria inside the unit that could result in bad odours, before the cold air flows into the car.

When you turn on your AC system, you will automatically start using the pressured gas reserves. The more cold air these systems produce, the more depleted the reservoirs will become.

How Often Do You Need To Re-Gas Your Air Conditioner?

It is recommended to get your AC unit topped up with refrigerant once every two years. But you can also take your car in for a check if the AC system struggles to produce cold air or isn’t working. Gas leaks can easily occur in the pressurised reservoir or in the pipelines. These leaks can quickly deplete your refrigerant reserves in which case your air conditioner will stop working.

How Long Does It Take To Re-Gas A Car’s Air-Con?

It usually takes about 45 minutes to completely re-gas an average-sized air-conditioning system that doesn’t have any faults. But your local handyman might take a bit longer if there are a lot of bookings prior to yours.

What If My Air-Conditioner Isn’t Working After Re-Gassing It?

If a professional mechanic assisted you with re-gassing and your air conditioner is still not working then there could be some other mechanical issue. Air conditioning units may seem simple but even these devices function via modern technology. You could have numerous issues when it comes to your car Air Conditioning failing. you may have a leak in the AC pipes, failed Condenser or Compressor or you could just simply have no gas.

If you notice any of these issues affecting your vehicle’s AC, or have any other concerns, contact the mobile mechanics at A-Plus Auto Electrical & Air Conditioning in Melbourne. Our team of professionals can re-gas, repair, and maintain any type of vehicle air conditioning system so you can travel in style and comfort.

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